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How to fill and cap oil containers, cans and glass bottles

All olive oil containers should be filled by weight, either by machine or by hand, both to comply with current regulations but more importantly not to have spillage problems caused by the increased volume and rising internal pressures.


So 1 liter of oil weighs 916 grams. To figure out how many liters corresponds to the olive oil given in kilograms, simply divide the weight in kilograms by 0.916.

For the winter period, all types of plastic caps for both cans and oil bottles that are either anti-rabbit or dop or with screw cap closures should be kept for at least 48 h near a heat source before being inserted, as our suppliers advise us.


This facilitates insertion but more importantly proper application.


Anti-rimming caps can also be applied to bottles with the palm of the hand.

There are manual corking machines for rasp stoppers that facilitate the application of these stoppers to bottles especially when they begin to be numerous


Easy to adjust for various types and models of oil or liquor bottles.

While for oil bottles with screw cap closure, Prethreaded Capsules size 31.5x24 complete with pourer are used , to insert them correctly on the bottle, an easy-to-use manual sealer is used.

To receive a Sample such as BOTTLE, CAN OR CAPS or other products you can, just register in the site, in the anti-rabble page find product with picture select in the cart the number of samples you like, when the order is finished specify the products you like to receive

For more information,


Codes for business labeling

macrocategory material type environmental code waste destination
bottles colorless glass GL70 glass
bottles UVAG Green Oak Glass GL71 glass
bottles Brown Glass GL72 glass
Plastic guala caps Plastic cap 90C/PP plastic
Rabbit cap Metal plastic 5PP plastic
Synthetic mushroom cap Synthetic caps LDPE 4 plastic
Smooth capsule 31,5 X 24 Aluminum and plastic C/LDPE 90 plastic
Prethreaded capsule 31,5 X 24 Aluminum and plastic C/LDPE 90 plastic
Oil can Steel FE40 steel
Can cap Plastic cap PPS plastic
Circular cans Steel FE40 steel
Elegant cap Plastic cap PP5 plastic
Anti-rain cap for can Thermoplastic HDPE2 plastic
Glass vase or jar Colorless glass GL70 glass
Capsula Deep Aluminum C/FE 91 metals
Capsula PVC PVC shrink capsules (with aluminum inner disc) C/PVC 90 Plastic
Cardboard case Paper PAP 20 Paper
Cartons in packaging Paper PAP 20 Paper
Beehives Paper PAP 20/21 Paper


Painting Glass Bottles

  • - Painting for empty glass bottles oil, wine, beer

  • - Screen printing empty bottles for oil wine or beer


The service of supplying, painting and screen printing empty bottles for oil wine or beer is carried out.


Painting empty glass bottles

Painting is done on all types of bottles in our catalog, the color is chosen with the bottler, costs vary according to quantity, lead times vary from 7/10 working days consistent with production schedules and in any case we communicate approximate date when ordering.


1-color screen printing empty glass bottles

If you have the design of your label and back label it can be screen printed in 1 color, to be chosen when ordering.


Molds must be made for both services.


For info and quotes: info@eatsalentosrl.it





How to Customize Your Own Packaging Even if for Small Quantities.

News for customizing your own extra virgin olive oil packaging


From this year it's easier to customize all the boxes, cases, cases or caskets in our catalog.


You let us have your logo in pdf format, we create the stamp (time about 1 week) and we can print from 100 pieces and up any type of gift box, case or briefcase. It is possible with the same stamp to print different types of gift boxes in one color, consistent with the size.


For any clarification, please call +39 3274219863 or write an email to info@eatsalentosrl.it

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